Introducing Shopober’s FREE POS Software

It’s a great day at Shopober headquarter here in Islamabad as we prepare to launch Shopober’s FREE POS Software. In a few weeks time, the free version will be available free download on major software downloading websites.

When we started building Shopober, we had the vision to empower small business owners in countries like Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh through a smart software that could not only manage the sales but also keep track of the finances. The results from the many activities would eventually help the business owners to make smart decisions. Such decisions would lead to higher profits while keeping the customers satisfied at the same time.

At the same time, we also understand the needs of such small business which is why we want to keep the basic version of Shopober free, forever!

Here is what you can do with Shopober’s FREE POS Software:

  1. Manage Product
  2. Manage Sales
  3. Generate Reports

Managing Products with Shopober FREE

The feature enables you to add, edit and delete products that you are selling along with their variants. You can also set buying and selling prices which will later come handy when you want to generate a profit report.

Managing Sales with Shopober FREE

Once you have products listed, you are ready to sell these products. The sales feature come with basic sales management options with a clean interface for easier navigation during the process. The sale screen can be operated both with a keyboard or entirely with a mouse.

Generate Reports with Shopober FREE

Reports are an integral part of your business success. You can make smart decisions based on the reports that are generated through the sales process. With the free version of Shopober, you can generate a basic yet detailed report that will help you figure out how your business is performing.

Download Shopober Free and start managing your small business smartly.

Manage your business with Shopober

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